26 de mayo de 2009

Más armas para Project Tokyo


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Stealth Series

A range of small, lightweight weapons that sport ease of use and concealability. These are the smallest, lowest powered and cheapest weapons we have available; these are most commonly used as backup or hidden weapons.

1) “Cavalier Scout”

A semi-automatic hold-out pistol; a .22 pistol feeding from a 12 round clip.
This is a compact snub-nose pistol, it's tiny frame, low weight and low recoil make it an ideal choice for small framed people who lack the strength to effectively use larger weapons.

With a short barrel and .22 rounds, this is far from a devastating pistol, but it's still enough to kill with a headshot or a few to the chest.

2) Walther “Palm Storm”

A double-barrelled (over-under pattern) hold out pistol chambered in 9mm.
This weapon is even smaller and lighter then the Cavalier.

This weapon has no clip, it is a breach loaded weapon; the weapon takes two 9mm Parabellum rounds in two chambers; the weapon discharges both shots simultaneously.
This weapon is one of our favoured concealed/emergency backup weapons; it’s small and lightweight nature make it easy and comfortable to hide (even hiding multiple weapons).

The double-shot 9mm makes is powerful for it’s size; it has only the one shot before requiring a reload but at short range it can be very lethal to unarmoured foes.

3) “Defiant” Derringer

Smaller and lighter still, the Defiant Derringer makes use of advanced materials. Chambered in a similar over-under double breach-barrel system, the .45 ACP chambered weapon delivers a double-shot blast which can drop even the largest of men with a shot to the torso.

Once again, containing only one shot before reloading, but the enormous power in such a small frame makes this a very popular backup/concealed weapon.

4) Reacor “Sting”

Also known as “lemon squeezers”, the Sting is the smallest hold-out pistol on the market. So small is uses a squeeze-plate rather then a trigger, the weapon chambers a single .45 ACP cartridge.

It has only very short range with it’s tiny smoothbore barrel but concealability is unmatched. An added bonus, it’s entirely composed of polymers and ceramics making it undetectable to metal detectors.

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These weapons mark the step into the area of true pistols. A balance of size, weight and fire power, weapons of this type make up the bulk of firearms (in terms of numbers) out on the streets and homes.

5) Glock 38C

A compact but full-form semi-auto pistol, the .380 weapon feeds from a 14 round clip. Simple and compact, this is not as compact as our stealth series but is the first step into our true pistol series.

This weapon sports a fair barrel length supplying improved range and accuracy over our stealth series weaponry. It’s .380 round is light and low powered but this allows the weapon to cycle quickly with low risk of jams.

The weapon is sturdy, cheap and uses cheap, common ammunition;
a popular choice for self-defence.

6) Glock “Contura”

A little smaller, a little lighter, more comfortable to hold, flashier and a little more expensive; the Contura is the trendy, sporty variant of the Glock 38c. The popularity of the 38C saw a rise in demand for customised versions for more up-market customers.

With such popularity, the Contura was released as the “middle-upper-class Glock”.
If the 38C is for lower-end users, the Contura is for the soccer mom/socialite/businessman.

Gun enthusiasts argue the .380 is under powered for personal defence, but conversely, it’s low power makes it very controllable and it’s rapid cycle rate make it easy for you to simply tap away. Even a semi-competent user can unload several rounds into a target from across the room fairly easily.

7) Ares “Light Fire” 70

Moulded to fit the handoff the customer, the Light Fire is an ultra-light weight weapon. It’s polymer/ceramic construction makes the body light with the metal front weight condusive to reducing muzzle rise.

This weapon uses a delay-blowback mechanism to allow a burst-fire option; besides shooting semi-auto, this weapon can also fire 3-round bursts (custom modifications can be made to alter to different burst-numbers or full auto fire). It feed from a 18 round clip.

This weapon is significantly pricier then our Glocks, popular with both working professionals and street thugs for it’s firepower.

Chambered only in .380, the low recoil makes it easier to control; even with averaged framed person, both hands on the weapon can control the burst fire. Also, the burst fire option is popular with the upmarket user who lacks the licence for true full-auto weapons; this weapon supplies that needed firepower boost whilst circumventing the law.

8) Berretta 101-T

The bench standard 9mm service pistol adopted by military and law enforcement decades ago; the Berretta is a semi-auto weapon feeding from a 16-round clip. This weapon is a middle priced, strait up basic 9mm pistol.

It might not be as trendy in socialite circles, this is popular with someone whose looking for more effectiveness then style.

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Heavy Pistols

These enormous pistols are the monsters that send most people running for cover.

9) Colt “Manhunter”

A pricier option, this is used by more gun-competent businessmen and working professionals who want to make that “I’m serious” statement.

The .45 ACP chambered semi-auto pistol is highly reliable and surprisingly light for its dimensions. It cycles rapidly and puts rounds out to a good range, engaging targets typically beyond the range of the Berretta.

Feeding from a 12-round clip, the Manhunter is considered the staple .45 pistol on the market. With the fairly common availability of standard and hollow-point rounds, this pistol is common amongst street thugs.

10) Savalette “Guardian”

The chrome-plated heavy pistol made famous by movies and criminals alike, this .50AE pistol is the largest calibre pistol we market.

Although one of our most expensive pistols, it is unmatched in pure brute force.

Feeding from a 7-round clip; the .50AE can be found in JHP, HP, Hydroshock and AP varieties; allowing a use to refine their ammo choice for the target at hand, capable of defeating small or large targets, armoured or unarmoured, human, hybrid or android.

11) Ares “Predator”

Another fine product from Ares, the Predator is a 9mm auto weapon capable of semi-auto, 3-round burst and full-auto fire.

Using a gas-system, feeding from a double-stacked 16 round clip; this is not a cheap weapon but it supplies firepower sufficient to over power law enforcement and most security forces.

The “Mac-11” of the modern age; this pistol has claimed more lives on the streets then any other.

12) Ares “Predator-II”

Essentially the same pistol but chambered in 10mm, the weapon uses recoil compensators to which help to control the weapon as well as the 9mm.

Feeding from a 14-round clip, the 10mm round boasts higher power, more stopping force per hit. It cycles slower then the Predator, but is marginally more accurate and longer ranged.

13) Rudger “Super Warhawk”

A heavy single-action six-shot revolver (hinged breach loading type) from a classic manufacturer, the super warhawk is a large pistol with ferocious powered tempered into refined accuracy; this is the quintessential hand-cannon of the modern age.

For this gun nuts, this weapon is a godsend.

The .480 Rudger cartridge powers a new-design 325-grain .475-caliber XTP-MAG bullet at 1350 fps velocity from the 7 1/2-inch barrel to deliver 1315 foot-pounds (ft-lbs) of energy. At 50 yards it’s carrying approximately 1100 fps velocity and 1025 ft-lbs energy, and at 100 yards it still retains more than 1075 fps velocity and 835 ft-lbs of energy.

To the layman, this means that even it’s basic cartridge will carry enough energy to kill a man easily, even if it fails to penetrate a ballistic vest, the transferred energy along inflicts extensive internal damage.
A few well placed shots to an engine block can disable a light vehicle.

This is about as hardcore as revolvers get, you couldn’t ask for more.

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Machine Pistols & Sub-Machinguns

14) Ceska “Black Scorpion”

The quintessential machine pistol choice of organised crime, the Scorpion is chambered in Russian made 7.5mm cartridges; sporting significantly more inherent armour penetration then a .45 but about as much power as a 9mm, this is effective for spraying at cyborg/android targets or humans wearing ballistic vests. Feeding from a 20-round clip, implementing a blow-back operated system, the Scorpion is so robust and reliable you can immerse it in sand, mud, bake it and still fire it underwater.

Every self-respecting hitman has at least two.

15) Ares “Crusader”

A pricey up-market full-auto .40 S&W chambered weapon feeding from a 14 round clip. The medium calibre supplies good power but still just low enough to allow a larger-average framed person to handle single-handed on full auto.

For the more discerning mercenary; perhaps found in the glove compartment of an Italian hitmans Ferrari.

16) Ingram “Smartgun”

A compact SMG of the new age, the 9mm 26-round weapon operates in semi, 2-burst, 3-burst and full-auto at a high rate of fire (1200 rpm). With recoil compensators as standard, even the average Joe can unload the entire clip into a target in a little over a second.

Carrying the price tag of a SMG, this is a definite fiscal decision to step up from pistols to more serious weapons. Most definitely not for the soccer mom, this is the weapon of someone who shoots to kill (allot).

17) HK 225 TX

Made popular by Hollywood and SWAT teams, the “TX” is a compact SMG chambered in .40S&W. It boasts high accuracy on both semi and full auto, using recoil compensators to handle the recoil. With a laser as standard, this says a lot about the target-discerning nature of the weapon.

The Ingram is used if you want to kill a crowd, the TX is what you use if you want to kill one person in a crowd.

The price tag makes this prohibitive for most users who aren’t willing to shell out serious cash for a serious gun. Tends to be found in the trunks of guns for hire.

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Special Purpose Weapons

18) Winchester “Widow Maker”

A compact pump-action 12-ga shotgun; the compact weapon only fits 4 shots but the 12ga is unparallel in close quarters.

Moderately priced, this is found as often as a home-defence weapon as it is the first choice of desperado-esque gunfighters.

12ga is fairly common; the antipersonnel choice of buckshot varieties being most common but solid slugs also available (for destroying door locks or better damage on heavier cyborgs and androids). For a higher price, explosive slugs (heavy androids, armour-plated cars/trucks, etc.) and fletchette (extremely effective antipersonnel) rounds are also available.

19) Remington “Roomsweeper”

A compact auto-loading shot-pistol; a rather unusual weapon design but highly effective.

Recoil compensators help but still supply quite a kick on the weapon; that said, it can be used single handily, although requiring a pause to pull the weapon bag down between each shot.

Using .410 shotgun shells from 10-round drum, the mid-type barrel rifling causes rapid shot scatter patterning; the result is bowling-ball sized holes in human torsos 5 feet away. Alternatively, using .410 solid slugs can land headshots from 50 feet away.

Classified as a class-3 destructive device, its ownership is legal only with appropriate licensing (which is rare). Pricey piece of gear, but wielded akimbo indoors, can produce a 360-degree arc of pure death.

20) Savalette Penetrator

A fairly exotic weapon classified as a class-3 destructive device, it is a semi-auto weapon chambered in special high-powered .480 anti-material rounds.

The small 5-round clip can be expended quickly but considering the literal truck-stopping power of the rounds, this is considered one of the most devastating firearms in this weight class. It can penetrate the walls of a medium plated armoured car, or the plating on the casing around a large combat droids head (something in the region of 50-80mm of steel).

Designed mainly for use against the growing prevalence of larger armour-plated combat androids; this weapon will clear both front doors of an armour-plated car, killing both pilot and side-passenger androids, with relative ease. The compact carbine-size of the weapon makes it easier for use in tighter urban environments and concealment beneath long coats (as it’s designed for black ops) which is useful in the city but the short barrel also limits it’s effective range to about 150m (any further then that and it becomes dangerously inaccurate, a danger with such a powerful weapon.

One of the shop owner’s personal favourites.

21) HK 227-S

The “27S” is essential the same weapon as the TX although chambered for the more powerful .45ACP round and an integrated silencer. The larger clip holds 24 rounds, however, the weapon is only typically used in stealth roles heance the lack of a recoil compensator. The weapon includes the same integrated laser as the TX.

Silenced weapons require licensing which is not relatively available for most citizens; mostly only to ex-military, law enforcement and security professionals.

22) HK 227

The base variant of the “27S”, the “27” is the same .45ACP weapon but trading in the silencer for an integrated recoil compensator; with the standard laser, this makes the 27 quite the crowd pleaser.

The full-auto licence is relatively more common; however, it is prohibited expensive for all but the most dedicated/focused individuals in the security/crime industry.

Assault Rifles

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1) Colt M22A2

A complete assault weapon system, the M22A2 was made popular as the standard rifle of military forces some two decade ago. The 5.56mm carbine feeds from a 25-round clip and includes an under-slung 10ga shotgun integrated into the front sleeve; it also includes a 3-6x zoom telescopic sight. The solid stock makes the heavy weapon easier to aim and control.
The Carbine is selective fire (single/3-burst/full-auto), the 10ga is a pump action 4-round shotgun with the standard spread of ammo types for both.

This is a weapon of war.

2) Colt M23

A stripped down version of the M22A2, the lighter weapon is far easier to control; used often by SWAT teams as the 5.56 option; the round performs better on body armoured foes and through vehicle windows/doors etc.

Although reduced, this is still a serious combat weapon.

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3) HK G38

A prime example of the most modern generation of military combat rifles, the G38 is a fine weapon of war. Feeding it’s 5mm caseless ammunition from the bullpup configured 30-round clip, the weapons boasts impressive range, fantastic accuracy and considerable firepower.

In single, the weapons integrated 1-5x zoom digital combat sight (with nightvision) keeps the sharpshooter happy. In burst, the 2 or 3 round burst option sets the firing rate to over 6000 rpm which puts all 2/3 rounds virtually on the same spot out to 150m. On full auto, the weapon steps down the rate of fire, to make it far more controllable.

This carries the price tag of modern battle rifles, in other words, requiring seriously loaded customers (normally veteran security and organised criminal professionals).


A competitor to the G38, the HAR uses 4mm caseless ammo; the design ethos relying on lower powered rounds with a higher rate of fire.

Known on the street as the “Firefly”, the 4mm ammo spits out at over 3000 rpm on full auto which empties the 40-clip in less then a second; it’s ammo more then capable of penetrating civilian, police and low-end security personnel ballistic vests out to 250m.

This pricey SMG includes integrated an recoil-compensator and laser sight.


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5) Franchi SPAS 22

The pump-action or semi-auto capable 10ga, popular with SWAT teams, is one of the leading shotguns on the market. The 8-shot weapon includes a folding stock and a recoil compensator (which only helps to reduce, not remove, the ferocious recoil of the 10ga weapon).
One of the priciest shotguns in our stock.

6) Mossberg CMDT

A clip-fed 14ga semi-auto shotgun, the CMDT is another SWAT popular weapon; the lower powered rounds make it easier to tap away multiple shots.
One of the priciest shotguns in our stock.

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7) Defiant T-250

A pump-action/semi-auto sporting 12ga shotgun; the standard of high-society game hunting, also popular with truckers and for home defence. The 8-shot tube hold a respectable amount of respectably powerful ammo.

A well priced shotgun.

8) Remington 750

A semi-auto shotgun feeding from an internal 6-round tube; the rifled barrel is designed for spreading heavy shot for use on large game at middle to long range, as well as improved accuracy with solid slugs at longer range.

The weapon includes a red dot sight as standard.

Long Rifles & Heavy Weapons

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1) Accuracy International (Arctic Warfare Series) Model X-48

A .338 bolt-action Sniper Rifle, feeding from a 7-round clip and including a bipod and 3-9x zoom telescopic sight as standard.
THE premium Sniper Rifle of choice; this weapon is for hunting people, not game, capable of headshots over a mile away.

2) Stoner-Ares M-107

A 30 year old design but still quit the crowd pleaser, the 7.62mm 100-round box-fed heavy machine gun is large, loud, obnoxious but it’s damage is measured in cars.

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3) Barrett Model 121A2

A silenced .50CAL semi-auto anti-material/sniper rifle.

This 5-round clip weapon can kill car engines with single shots from a mile away; with semi-auto capability, it can take out entire convoys in a short period of time, over a very long range.

With silencer, telescopic sight (5-22x zoom) and bipod as standard; it’s never been easier to pick off targets at range and remain hidden (at a mile away, its already nearly impossible to discover the position of the shooter, the silencer serves to make it hard even for the hearing-enhanced).

The bane of armoured cars everywhere.

4) Vindicator Minigun

Made with lightweight, high strength materials, the vindicators main usage issue is it’s ferocious recoil force. Wieldable really only by the strength-augmented, the Vindicator feeds its 4mm caseless rounds from a 1000 round drum.

It’s more expensive then most vehicles, but with firepower like that, who cares.

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5) Ares MP-III “Dragon”

A compact man-portable directed energy weapon. Cabled fed from a fusion backpack cell, the ionatronic weapon delivers an electric-ion stream which can cut unarmored cars in half.

One of the most expensive weapons we carry, we’ve only sold 4 to date.

6) Saeder-Krupp Arclite

Although technically only an early prototype, these weapons are personally modified by Danny Croft for optimum reliability and consistency. Feeding from a 50 round clip of 2mm super-penetrators, this infantry railgun puts out more power-per-shot then any of our weapons.

This semi-auto weapon required 3 second cycle times but with the ability to kill armoured androids standing on the far side of tanks, who cares.

The 6-30x scope allows the user to engage targets out to 3 miles using the integrated self-correcting data processor to account for drop, movement, temperature, air pressure and even the coriolis effect (that is, the natural curvature and rotation of the earth, a factor at that sort of extreme range).

Fuente: http://biometal79.deviantart.com/art/spec-ops-weaponry-Shadowrun-52667777

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