28 de septiembre de 2009

Talislanta 4e será gratis

Segun fuentes fidedignas (el autor en su web, vamos) Talislanta será gratuito en PDF en breve (2010 quizás).

Podéis buscar más información en su web http://talislanta.com
Hi -

For the past couple of months there's been a lot going on behind the scenes with Talislanta. Now that everything we've been working on has been confirmed, we're happy to announce some new products and ventures based on the Talislanta milieu.

First up, Khepera Publishing (creators of the Hellas RPG), has signed a license to produce a full-color, hardcover Talislanta art book - title, artists, and writers to be announced, scheduled for release in January 2011. For those of you who've been asking for this for years, it's finally going to happen. Jerry Grayson of Khepera has this to say about the project:

"I've been a fan of Talislanta for some time and I hope to express that with my next project .With the art book I hope to vividly portray the world and marvel of Talislanta in a way that's accessible to old fans and new people looking for a unique fantasy experience."

Also coming soon: a new Talislanta.com, which will be completely re-designed from the bottom-up by Adam Louie, a web designer and graphic artist currently living in Philadelphia, PA. The new website will include links to the new Talislanta forums, a Talislanta art gallery, and a number of other new features.

But perhaps the best thing about the new site is that we plan to set it up so that users can download all the old Talislanta books in PDF format, for free. The challenge: turning all the old Talislanta books into PDFs.

Thanks to the forward-thinking guys at SI, we already have the massive Tal4 in PDF format, which saves us a LOT of work. We also have all of the Morrigian Tal-books in PDF format, though these cannot be given away for free until Morrigan's license officially expires (in 2010).

In order to put together a complete archive of free Talislanta PDFs, we're going to need a few volunteers to help scan some of the older titles. If you have a scanner and a little free time, and you'd like to help out, please respond via the Tal-list and we'll get in touch with you.

Last but not least, Adam Black and Steve Sechi will be teaming-up on a new Talislanta project that will debut in early 2010. Can't say more about this now but on the Talislanta.com site you'll find a piece of concept art for this upcoming project, with more to follow in the near future.

Thanks again to loyal Talislanta fans everywhere for your continued support!

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